Why would I possibly post a post about taking pictures this weekend?  Well, there are a couple reasons…

1.  I rented a bunch of equipment, so I’ll be getting some distinctly different shots than the norm.

2. I’ll be attempting to hit up a few different (at least two) events. It’s a photography weekend, not just a weekend where I end up taking pictures.

I want to put the bug in your ear!  This has very much become a photography blog, even though I didn’t start off intending it that way, and if any of my readers are going to be at any of the events, or have any events that I should shoot with the ridiculously nice equipment I’ll have on hand, I’m all ears for requests and such.

At the moment, I’m tentatively planning on shooting Cars and Coffee on Saturday (should be fun with a 300mm lens and a 1.6x cropped dSLR for an effective focal length of 480mm) and the Prospectors Enduro on Sunday.

Since this is one of the lenses I need for another project, I might hit up a few different areas, eg: Bolsa Chica for some bird photography, etc. But I’m not sure you care about that :-P

Saturday: Irvine

Sunday: Spangler Hills