I got this clock (Formotion C-Clamp Clock) for my SV650 (Year: 2002, sans-S) because it didn’t come with one.  The only problem is that the clock is designed for a 1″ diameter handlebar, and the SV650 only has a 3/4″ one.

No problem, stopping at the local hardware store fixes that. Picked up a ~1″ long piece of 3/4″ copper tube and cut it in half with a hack-saw the long way. Wrapped in electrical tape to keep it and place and *ALSO* prevent corrosion…

Connecting copper and aluminum together WILL cause galvanic corrosion, so the electrical tape is my half-assed approach to using the wrong metal for my shim, as I’m pretty sure the barclamp is polished aluminum. If I’m smart, I’ll buy the right shim ASAP, but this worked very well for an upcoming trip.

Anyways, pictures!

1st layer of tape

Tube, cut in half...

Second layer of tape

And the clock is installed!