Hey Everyone!

First off I’m going to apologize to my loyal readers for being away so long.  I’ve been moving around a lot lately and time is precious…  Also in my spare time I’ve been lazy.

Anyways, I have a few projects coming down the line which I’ll hopefully be turning into content for this blog in the next few months.  Also I recently got my video camera up and running again, so I decided to do a video entry.

This is part of my larger BMW e30 Turbo Project.   This is a project I started many years ago, and thus hasn’t yet been featured on this blog, but over time it will probably have a few posts centered around it as there are many aspects to that project.   The car recently had some reliability issues due to a variety of factors including negligence, fate, and dumb (bad) luck.  I’ll outline it real quick:  The motor was detonating after the latest upgrades which included doubling the amount of boost I was running, to a full atmosphere of boost (14.7psi).   I was tuning it out when the engine suddenly died.  Investigation quickly revealed that the cam siezed.  Further investigation revealed that an important retaining piece for the rocker shafts was not in place, further investigation also revealed that one of the head bolts was stripped out of the block.  These factors all combined to blow the head gasket, which then probably overheated the head, which loosened up the rocker shafts, which then rotated, which then cut off oil flow to the cam, which then seized.

Anyways!  I got a new head, and decided to do some rebuild work (new valve seals… I’m skipping on the guides for a variety of reasons) and decided I would try out video posting.

So here’s my first video post about how to remove valves from the head of an engine as it’s not entirely obvious if you’ve never done it before.


Valve Removal

I’ll probably put this up on YouTube soon and then figure out the whole embedding thing, but this is what I’ve got for now.