Mechanical engineer, avid motorcyclist, photographer.  Never one to do things conventionally, you decide to write your summary in both the second person and reverse-chronological order.  You realize that this will be challenging and possibly nonsensical.  And with that note out of the way, you start with the end:

You found yourself moving across the Continent to Southern California, in pursuit of the “American Dream” and not finding it to be what was promised.  Being a recent graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Mechanical Engineering degree, you’re thankful for your education but feel a bit mislead – Did your education really just lead to pounding on a keyboard?  No mention of whether or not the pounding is done with your head or with your hands.

The motivation to seek something better stretch much further back into your past.  Being fired from an internship served as a warning, a reminder, and an education that nothing in this world is free.  It also provided you with the opportunity to seize the moment and forever change your life with a 5,000+ mile solo motorcycle trip using the magic of a thing called a “credit card” – which you later found out you actually have to pay back.  Bummer.

You have had success as an “International Race Car Driver” or – as one of your best friends drunkenly put it one night in Germany:  An “International Race Car”.  The crescendo being an important member of the #1 2009 US Formula SAE team, arguably top 5 in the world.  An accomplishment you helped achieve as both a Driver and the head of Vehicle Dynamics.  This experience would introduce you to some of your strongest friendships and closest bonds.

In the distant past, you’ve worked as a freelance mechanic, an IT admin at age 17, rolled your first car at 15 (without even being near it, let alone in it – heavens no, that sounds painful!) You first got stopped by the Po-Po at age 10, have been a self-proclaimed Inventor since 2nd grade and learned to drive “stick” somewhere around 5 years of age.

You’re a passionate motorcyclist and photographer. You have loved, you have lost.  You have lived the good, the bad, and everywhere in between.  Your Myers-Briggs is ISTP, and your favorite poem is Rudyard Kipling’s If – not just because it was your Grandfather’s favorite, but because it describes the man you want to be – the man you know you are.

You are, Martin Iwanowicz.