I advertise!

Did you notice that yet?

Here’s the deal:

1:  Google adwords cause it’s super easy, and I’m lazy.  If you see something you like and click on it, I’ll get paid a penny for hookin’ you UP!  Everyone wins, no?

2:  Amazon affiliate program.  I like Amazon for a few reasons:  It has competitive prices, and it’s super easy for me to link to a product on there.  Yeah, there’s a conflict of interest – how can I give the best review of something if I get commissioned for selling product?  I’ll let ya in on a little secret – I’m a terrible liar and I’ll probably set your BS alarm off.  But I guess you never really know…  but let’s be honest – do you ever really know?

3: Direct advertising/sponsorship.  Go ahead and e-mail me at advertising@bringintoexistence.com and we’ll talk.