Bring Into Existence.

I’ll admit, sometimes I think the title is a bit pretentious, but this is the core of my ideal.  I believe the most direct path to happiness is to take the reigns and create our own life.  You have to make it happen, you have to make it exist – no one else will bring your happiness to you.

The title suggests a very material creation – build that which inspires you.  Art, engineering, music, whatever it is that fuels you.  The scope is not that limited.  This is a place for me to share what fuels me.  Hopefully some of you will find inspiration in these digital pages.  Hopefully some of you will be entertained.  Hopefully some of you will share with me that which you find inspirational.  Whether it be art, engineering, music, ideas, concepts – anything!

You have control.  You have only one life.  Do that which fuels your spirit!

This is what inspires me.  This is my personal brand.  This is my personal blog.


Martin Iwanowicz