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2011 USDR Round 3 Photo Highlights

Highlights from the 2011 US Desert Racing Series Round 3 in Spangler Hills, CA

Buy photos from this event here.

Buy photos from this event here.

As a note to rider #9: My camera thought the bush was more interesting than your trick. The camera and I don’t always agree.

VCMC Rawhide Rodeo (Sunday Qualifier Enduro)

Photo Highlights:

Buy Photos at my photostore here.

Buy Photos at my photostore here.

VCMC Rawhide Rodeo (Saturday Family Enduro)

Photos from the Saturday Family Enduro here.Tree Jump

Photos from the Saturday Family Enduro here.

Last Dog Standing

Boy oh BOY did I have a lot of fun shooting this event. Seriously, what a freggin’ blast. I think this highlight reel will give you a good idea as to why. =D

Don’t forget you can buy photos from my photostore here: Martin Iwanwicz Photography – Last Dog Standing

I don’t usually dilly-dally around with all this chit-chat on highlight reels, as I prefer to have the photos speak for themselves, but this one will require a few comments along the way. But first, I need to write a memo.

Dear Cowboy-hat-wearing-course-worker-guy,

That’s right, YOU:

Cowboy-hat-wearing-courseworker-guy photo-bombed the shit out of me

No, not the guy doing the faceplant in the water. But Cowboy-hat-wearing-guy. I’m not mad at you. I’m really not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m upset. I’m upset as all hell. My star photo from this event was photo bombed by a giant white, out of focus cowboy hat. Yeah, that gets my panties in a little bit of a bunch. But I’m not mad at you. You were just doing your job, and I know the risks of using a big ass lens and standing 30 feet away from the riders I’m photographing. I know that you and many other course workers were in the area and walking in my field now and then.  But I just wish – and maybe this wish is extended to the universe as a whole – but I just wish that you waited 5 seconds. Just 5 seconds. That’s all. Let this be proof – perfect shots require a bit of luck. All the fancy lenses, monopods, camera bodies, and spare batteries – they’re just there to make sure you’re ready to capture that perfect shot with all the beautiful color and depth that makes it look real pretty. But actually getting that shot? Luck definitely plays a part.


Martin Iwanowicz
Marginally Pisgruntled Photographer

-End of Memo-

Ok, with that out of the way, let’s move along, shall we? =)


Kids Race. He already knows the universal truth of "MORE THROTTLE!"

They did jumps...

They did hill climbs...

They went through tubes...

And they went over tubes...

Some rode quads...

And some looked way cooler with indiscriminately blasting water behind them.

That concludes all the very standard and boring shots. Now we start what you came here to see – the water crossing. Yes, the water crossing proved to be the photo-highlight of the day. Not because it was very challening, in fact, for some it was probably the easiest obstable… but for others, it was a race ender. Yes, the stakes were high. Most of these photos are part of a longer series, some of which I might feature in the future.  But let’s start with an experienced rider practicing proper application of the “MORE THROTTLE” universal truth…


-no caption-

Just think how this might end. -Part of a larger photoset-

Completely oblivious to what's going on behind...

MORE THROTTLE! -Part of a larger photoset-

-no caption-

You can buy photos from my photostore here: Martin Iwanowicz Photography – Last Dog Standing

Published: Dirt Bike, June 2011

Thanks to my friend Erek over at I’ve been published in Dirt Bike Magazine’s June 2011 issue!  This is pretty exciting. I’ve had the pleasure of being on the cover as a racer for an event guide (Formula SAE – California, 2010) and the pleasure of getting the covershot for a small, local newspaper (Catalina Islander, Dec 10, 2010)… but this is a big-time NATIONAL magazine (international?). Definitely moving up! :D

Dirt Bike Magazine, June 2011, Page 19

Dirt Bike Magazine, June 2011, Page 19

Dirt Diggers Desert Scramble, Spangler Hills, 2011-03-27

Buy photos from this event here: Dirt Diggers Desert Scramble, March 27, 2011 Photo Album

Lens: Canon 200mm f/1.8 USM… although, most shots were done at f/2.8 since it was really sunny in the desert.

Highlight reel…

Buy photos from this event here: Dirt Diggers Desert Scramble, March 27, 2011 Photo Album

Prospectors Enduro, Spangler Hills, 2011-03-20

This past weekend I shot the Prospectors Enduro in Spangler Hills.

Anyways, I took way too many photos.  I rented a Canon 7D for the weekend, and at it’s top-speed of 9 shots/second, and the 18megapixel resolution, it ate up the memory FAST.  If you want to check out the full album, it’s on my photostore, here. (note:  Photos should be available before 4am pst, March 22)

Sorry guys, in the interest of getting them up quick I didn’t sort out the bad ones.  There are a few subcategories:  Road Crossing, Lap 3 Check 1, and Misc.  The Misc photos were mostly taken around the Lap 3, Checkpoint 1 area as well.

Cars and Coffee – Irvine

It rained today…

173 photos from this event for sale in my Online Store

23 photos posted here, for your viewing pleasure!

Buy photos from this event

Or, you you want one of the photos featured in this post, you can Buy BIG versions of these digital photos.

The Moon.

Just cause I rented a damn telescope for a lens…

Transmissions from the Satellite...

Transmissions from the Satellite...

Lens: Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 USM IS
Body: Canon 7D
ISO: 100
A: 2.8
T: 1/160

Editing: Contrast adjustment, Cropped.


Shooting weekend – March 18-20

Why would I possibly post a post about taking pictures this weekend?  Well, there are a couple reasons…

1.  I rented a bunch of equipment, so I’ll be getting some distinctly different shots than the norm.

2. I’ll be attempting to hit up a few different (at least two) events. It’s a photography weekend, not just a weekend where I end up taking pictures.

I want to put the bug in your ear!  This has very much become a photography blog, even though I didn’t start off intending it that way, and if any of my readers are going to be at any of the events, or have any events that I should shoot with the ridiculously nice equipment I’ll have on hand, I’m all ears for requests and such.

At the moment, I’m tentatively planning on shooting Cars and Coffee on Saturday (should be fun with a 300mm lens and a 1.6x cropped dSLR for an effective focal length of 480mm) and the Prospectors Enduro on Sunday.

Since this is one of the lenses I need for another project, I might hit up a few different areas, eg: Bolsa Chica for some bird photography, etc. But I’m not sure you care about that :-P

Saturday: Irvine

Sunday: Spangler Hills

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