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Motorcycling Daily Gear List

In preparation for an upcoming ride here is a complete list of everything I carry on my bike 90% of the time.

First up; what I carry on myself:
– Wallet (World’s Thinnest Wallet. It’s OK if you have big pockets, but it is longer and wider than most wallets. The real solution is to just carry less.)
– Cell Phone (Currently a Samsung Galaxy S, which I’m very enamored with. I have the Captivate.)
– Keys.
Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (Peppermint)
– Belt: BISON Last Chance Heavy Duty Belt. Worth mentioning because it’s the toughest belt I’ve ever found.

Second; what lives on the bike:
– Cable Lock
– Bungee Cargo Net
– Cinch Strap (small. 5′ long, 1/2″ wide? Maybe 3/4″)
– Stock tool kit (surprisingly useful)
– Waterproof bag by When It Pours containing documentation: Maintenance log, pens, registration, motorcycle owners manual)

Trunk supplies

– Motorbike keys, including garage door opener (very handy) and cable lock key.
Formotion Handlebar Mount And Clock, since the 1st Gen SV650 doesn’t have come with a clock.
– Heated Hand Grips (Not pictured. I use Symtec Motorcycle Hand Warmers, with a rocker switch rather than the toggle switch pictured in that link. Also make sure to put the switch on the LEFT handlebar if you install your own hand warmers. Also this is the best investment I’ve ever made.)


Keys, clock



Third and final; what lives in my tank bag.
I take my tank bag on 90% of the rides I do. In reviewing what I carry with me, I realized most of this is just to form the habit of carrying that particular item so that I know it’s there and know where to find it. I don’t actually need an emergency whistle on a daily basis, but I know exactly where it’s packed. I’ve even started taking my tank bag on other adventures (auto car, airplanes) because it’s so consistently packed, I know exactly where everything I need is.


Tank Bag and everything that goes inside



Listed as pictured..
Upper Left -> Upper Right
– Towel
– Rain Fly
– Shoulder strap I never use and forgot I even had until I tore my bag down for this writeup.
– Emergency Whistle (on lanyard)
– Compass (on lanyard)
– Mounting straps for Saddle Bags (No, they don’t need to be in my tank bag, but I kept forgetting to take them off when I took the saddle bags off and then I would notice them and the only bag I had was my tank bag so now they live in there to make up for my deficiency as a person)
– Safety strap for tank bag (never used)

Middle Left -> Middle Right
– 10.1″ Netbook style Laptop computer (System76 Starling)
– Waterproof Bag for Netbook by When It Pours
– Headlamp
– Ibuprofen for when I don’t drink enough water (this pairs well with drink a lot more water)
Cortech 21-Liter Tank Bag With Magnetic Mount
– Waterproof bag by When It Pours containing: Miniature Road Atlas, Male/Male headphone cable because you never know when you’ll find a stereo that needs some love from your mp3 player, SquareUp credit card reader to square up without cash or do some roadside vending, Checkbook
– Assorted zip ties
– Flashlight with magnet-on-a-stick
– Tire Pressure Gauge

Bottom Left -> Bottom Right
– Assorted business cards
– Assorted pens
– Assorted fuses
– Dramamine, for the one time I bought it while being the codriver for a road rally. I don’t usually get motion sick, but try reading while someone is driving on twisty roads.
– Cheap sunglasses
– Steno Pad to try and organize my scattered brain
– Toll-booth change
– Spare tire stem cap
– Cables for laptop/cell charging
– My Buff
– Minature tripod
Leatherman Skeletool CX
Etymotic Research ER6i 32dB Noise Reducing Earbud Headphones. May not be legal to use while driving. Understandably so, since you  can’t hear anything else if you have the volume turned up.  Regardless, protecting hearing is very important, and they work great when paired with voice navigation from a GPS.
Ear-Peace earplugs
– Lens cleaning solution (for visor and cameras)
– Microfiber cloth

after years of riding, this is what I’ve determined to be the most essential things to carry on a motorcycle on a daily basis.

All packed in with room to spare



Published: Dirt Bike, June 2011

Thanks to my friend Erek over at I’ve been published in Dirt Bike Magazine’s June 2011 issue!  This is pretty exciting. I’ve had the pleasure of being on the cover as a racer for an event guide (Formula SAE – California, 2010) and the pleasure of getting the covershot for a small, local newspaper (Catalina Islander, Dec 10, 2010)… but this is a big-time NATIONAL magazine (international?). Definitely moving up! :D

Dirt Bike Magazine, June 2011, Page 19

Dirt Bike Magazine, June 2011, Page 19

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