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Dirt Diggers Desert Scramble, Spangler Hills, 2011-03-27

Buy photos from this event here: Dirt Diggers Desert Scramble, March 27, 2011 Photo Album

Lens: Canon 200mm f/1.8 USM… although, most shots were done at f/2.8 since it was really sunny in the desert.

Highlight reel…

Buy photos from this event here: Dirt Diggers Desert Scramble, March 27, 2011 Photo Album

Prospectors Enduro, Spangler Hills, 2011-03-20

This past weekend I shot the Prospectors Enduro in Spangler Hills.

Anyways, I took way too many photos.  I rented a Canon 7D for the weekend, and at it’s top-speed of 9 shots/second, and the 18megapixel resolution, it ate up the memory FAST.  If you want to check out the full album, it’s on my photostore, here. (note:  Photos should be available before 4am pst, March 22)

Sorry guys, in the interest of getting them up quick I didn’t sort out the bad ones.  There are a few subcategories:  Road Crossing, Lap 3 Check 1, and Misc.  The Misc photos were mostly taken around the Lap 3, Checkpoint 1 area as well.

Cars and Coffee – Irvine

It rained today…

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23 photos posted here, for your viewing pleasure!

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The Moon.

Just cause I rented a damn telescope for a lens…

Transmissions from the Satellite...

Transmissions from the Satellite...

Lens: Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 USM IS
Body: Canon 7D
ISO: 100
A: 2.8
T: 1/160

Editing: Contrast adjustment, Cropped.


Shooting weekend – March 18-20

Why would I possibly post a post about taking pictures this weekend?  Well, there are a couple reasons…

1.  I rented a bunch of equipment, so I’ll be getting some distinctly different shots than the norm.

2. I’ll be attempting to hit up a few different (at least two) events. It’s a photography weekend, not just a weekend where I end up taking pictures.

I want to put the bug in your ear!  This has very much become a photography blog, even though I didn’t start off intending it that way, and if any of my readers are going to be at any of the events, or have any events that I should shoot with the ridiculously nice equipment I’ll have on hand, I’m all ears for requests and such.

At the moment, I’m tentatively planning on shooting Cars and Coffee on Saturday (should be fun with a 300mm lens and a 1.6x cropped dSLR for an effective focal length of 480mm) and the Prospectors Enduro on Sunday.

Since this is one of the lenses I need for another project, I might hit up a few different areas, eg: Bolsa Chica for some bird photography, etc. But I’m not sure you care about that :-P

Saturday: Irvine

Sunday: Spangler Hills

California – Joshua Tree National Park

Hello once again, wandering wayfarer! Today brings us to Joshua Tree National Park… Let’s cut the crap and get right to it…

View Larger Map

I need to get a polarizing filter.

It's very windy here. This is also not Joshua Tree National Park... but close!

Walkin’ in the Mojave.

I rocked this trip with my friend from pre-school, Nick, and his buddy from college, Jesse. These are Jesse's dirty shorts.

It’s big, it’s heavy, it’s wood! ;-)

It's LOG!

Someone want to edit out the sticks in the background for me?  I started to, and then decided I was feeling quite uninspired.


They just photograph so well.

Logs are a recurring theme

B&W for kicks.

Almost every photo in this series has a crap-ton of color saturation... Almost.

Things die in the desert, and then dry out.  It’s not my fault that logs are interesting photo subjects.

Yup, another one.

Cacti, too.

This kinda reminds me of a post card from the 60's. Is it too much?

Sometimes, your perspective can make you feel really, really, really small...


Namesake on blue.

This is an exceptionally fine example of a young Joshua Tree.

Now that I’m putting these pictures up, after days of sorting and editing, I’m realizing that I must find logs exceptionally fascinating.

yet another log.

This doesn't look real. Keen observer.

8,000ft from 5,000ft and a few miles

POW! This is not jumbo rock

It was kinda bland, so I fixed it. Not bad at 50...





So I was a little heavy-handed with the digital editing on this album.  Do you hate it?  Love it?  Drop me a line…

Shift Lever Repair

A while ago I broke the shift lever on my bike.  Being cheap, I bought a cheap aftermarket shift lever for about $40 on ebay, rather than the $80 stock replacement.  It then proceeded to break only about 5-6 months later.

Question 1:  Was the $40 I saved worth this aggravation?

Question 2:  After dropping $18 on a repair, is the $22 I ended up saving worth this aggravation?

Question 3: How long is this repair going to last?

To buy:
3/8″ Drill
3/8″ x 2″ Stainless Steel Bolt + Nut
3/8″ ID tubing (needed to buy 10′ at Home Depot.  Used 2″, or 1.66%)
“Blue” threadlocker

And now the photo…

Looks nice, don't it?

It actually feels better than the aftermarket part, since the bolt/tube combination is stiffer.

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